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    Do You Know the Best Solution for Cabling in Your Office?

    Posted: August 3, 2017

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    Can Biophilic Design Really Benefit Your Workplace?

    Posted: July 13, 2017

    The gray, drab, cubicle-lined workplace is becoming a thing of the past. Many companies, especially those interested in competing for top talent, are aware that these offices just won't cut it anymore. While some companies such as Google, Amazon, or Apple are on the cutting edge of modern work spaces and employee benefits, other businesses are slowly starting to catch up.

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    How WELL Standard Certification Can Improve Your Business

    Posted: June 26, 2017

    The way society looks at health and wellness is changing in many avenues. Gone are the days of seeing your doctor once a year, living your life, and addressing problems as they arise.

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    6 Office Design Tips to Promote Well Being in the Workplace

    Posted: July 7, 2016

    If you want to achieve an office culture with happy and engaged employees, begin by reevaluating your physical workplace. The working environment, where about ninety percent of people’s time is spent, matters more than you might realize.

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    Key Elements of the ‘New Workplace’ Kitchen

    Posted: March 31, 2016

    The kitchen is a key part of the office. It's not only a place for employees to refuel and refresh themselves, but it is also a place for people to share ideas and form strong working relationships. With 57% of employees expressing that having a work kitchen would make them more productive, why not invest in making this space as accommodating as possible?

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    5 Reasons You Should Organize Your Work Desk Today

    Posted: October 2, 2015

    Organization is the key to getting your work done. When you maintain an organized desk, you are creating the best environment for accomplishing day-to-day tasks. One survey revealed that 90% of Americans believe that clutter has a negative impact on their lives and work, and 77% believe that clutter actually hinders their efficiency.

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    4 Reasons to Integrate Stand Up Desks Into Your Workspace

    Posted: September 15, 2015

    Business owners and facility managers alike are consistently looking for ways to promote employee wellness, variety in the workplace, and a strong working culture. Standing desks are one emerging product that simultaneously addresses many of these goals.

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    The Guide To Creating The Perfect Third Space For Your Employees

    Posted: July 8, 2015

    Today, a lot of companies are going to a more open work environment with reduced square footage for the workstation.

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    Collaborative Spaces

    Posted: February 6, 2015
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    Active Ergonomics

    Posted: January 20, 2015
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