Facility Services

Ongoing Support For Changing Spaces

Commercial spaces are expected to shift at a moment’s notice to comply with new regulations and standards (hello, COVID-19). Stay agile with an ongoing plan that prioritizes your best interests. Our commercial facility services save you time, money, and the stress that comes with fielding relocation projects and culture changes.

Everyone needs extra help sometimes, choose King to be your go-to for all things business interiors. Contact us today to explore different solutions for your workspace.

Not Your Typical Facility Management Provider

In brief: we raise the bar. From change management to repairs – no one looks out for your business like us.

Change Management

Change is happening all around us, yet so many struggle with accepting new norms. No matter if you’re leading a team or operating independently, managing workplace changes comes with its own difficulties. We approach change management in a delicate, yet tactful manner. Using a proven, 6-step process your team is connected to the long-term vision. Expect simplified strategies that make each milestone easier to digest and ultimately come to terms with.

Move Management

Managing a commercial renovation project shouldn’t be something you take on alone. Our move management approach is designed to minimize downtime and help your team transition into your new space with minimal disruption.

Save Time & Headaches With Professional Facility Services

In a day and age where businesses are forced to adjust to ever-changing expectations, choose to be proactive with dedicated facility services and support. With us, know your investment is under the strongest protection. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!