How We Work

It’s Our Promise To Put You First

Our team is dedicated to being more than just a vendor by providing products & services that are focused on meeting your business objectives in the context of your workspace, aligning your people to increase employee engagement, and empowering your culture to thrive! We understand the investment you are making in both your people and your business, we are here to help you achieve organizational success. Contact us today to create the solutions that work!

3 Pillars: Experience The King Difference

People Who Care

Work with a dedicated team of specialized thinkers and proactive leaders committed to making your project run smoothly.

Products That Last

Aesthetic, Price, Speed – no matter the need, we have 200+ manufacturers featuring high quality commercial furniture, flooring, wall systems, and more.

Passion For Empowerment

Your investment is more than product – empower your people to do their best work and cultivate the culture you desire.


Helping Organizations Align People & Space For Optimal Performance

Your space matters…a lot! Space has a big impact on your organization and how people work, adapt, and succeed over time. No space is the same, it is built around your unique set of performance factors – your people; putting them first, your organization; having your space send a message that aligns with your culture, and your facility; ready to adapt to change – increasing your return on investment.

We are ready to assist you in finding the right furniture, flooring, or branding solutions for your commercial project! Contact us today to get started.

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