cablingAlmost every business and office today needs a lot of computers and additional electronic devices. When building a new space or renovating an existing one, a lot of work has to be done to make sure there is enough power and data in the room. Typically achieved using core drilling, erecting new power poles or trenching in concrete, these solutions help get electricity and data to where it needs to be.

Fortunately, there is a new, modern answer to cabling. Connectrac, based out of Dallas, provides cabling Wireways in carpet, underground, or on carpet to provide power and data cables to every computer, screen or accessory in the office.

At King Business Interiors, we help you leverage this cost effective method of ensuring your technology has the infrastructure that it needs.

What is Connectrac?

Connectrac is a floor-based cable management system that provides power and data cables to areas in an office without disturbing the aesthetics of the space or requiring expensive renovations. Coming in three configurations and multiple sizes, the wire tracks allow for the build and design of workspaces, desks, cubicles, or other areas for people to work.

Connectrac wireway solutions can be installed three different ways depending on the needs of your space.

  1. Under-Carpet Wireway – These low profile, invisible tracks go under the carpet and are ideal for conference rooms, reception areas, or lounges. They can provide the full power, data, and cabling for any tech need.
  2. In-Carpet Wireway – This track integrates with the carpet while providing a removable cap for easy access to the wires. They are ideal for large installations such as desks and cubicles.
  3. On-Floor Wireway – This track is both easy to install and versatile as it can go on any flooring. They are used for large scale installations like training centers, classrooms, or conference rooms.

These options provide all the versatility needed for your next office build or renovation.

Exploring New Solutions in Building and Design

On August 8th from 4:00-6:00pm, King Business Interiors is providing a CEU class on Connectrac for those interesting in learning everything there is to know about new cabling solutions in the office. This course will explore previously existing solutions, their pros and cons, and compare them to new solutions like Connectrac.

Covering both the traditional and modern solutions to the problem of cabling, this course aims to give builders, designers or architects the information they need to make the right choices. With the presence of technology only growing in the office, solutions like Connectrac are becoming more and more important to architecture and construction projects.

The Future of the Office

It’s no secret that technology is not leaving the office any time soon. However, with the rise of telecommuting, mobile technologies and alternative work, businesses need to be on the leading edge of cost cutting, modernization, and new options for the workspace.

At King Business Interiors, we aim to be that spearhead helping our customers and people in our industry adjust to the changing needs and growing technologies in their workspaces.