stand up desks

Business owners and facility managers alike are consistently looking for ways to promote employee wellness, variety in the workplace, and a strong working culture. Standing desks are one emerging product that simultaneously addresses many of these goals.

Are you considering offering height-adjustable desks in your workspace? Wondering if they are the right choice for your space? Here are five proven benefits of using stand up desks.

Employee Wellness

Groups like the Center For Disease Control and the American Medical Association have shown that standing desks help combat health issues stemming from a sedentary work environment.

A healthy workforce is beneficial to both the employee and the organization. Healthy employees are generally happier and more productive. They log fewer sick days. They tend to be more punctual. Healthy workers decrease insurance costs paid out by the company.

How does a standing desk impact employee health? Standing throughout the day increases blood circulation, boosts fat-burning metabolism and decreases fatigue. Research shows that standing desks may contribute to increased levels of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) as well.

Mood Impact

Adding to physical benefits, standing desks may also increase mental awareness.
While sitting in a chair for 6-8 hours a day with can cause drowsiness and “spacing out” moments, standing can increase awareness and purpose.

Increased energy level helps employees stay engaged during normal workday “slump hours.” A productive, focused workforce leads to better morale, greater collaboration with co-workers, and – best of all – more effective and impressive interactions with clients.

Design Flexibility

Don’t have the budget for a new table or want to add the height adjustable feature after the fact, there are after market products that can be added to a traditional desk or work surface that are a good solution. This allows for the feature to be specific to the person and not disrupt the overall design/layout of the office. Saving you money, but giving your employees what they need to work healthy!

Transformative Spaces

Another strong appeal of height-adjustable desks is the ability to adapt to the specific work needs of the individual. Adjusting the height of your work surface gives you control to address what type of meeting you are having, quick & impromptu or formal & sit-down.

With various height options – including sitting options – the employee can “tweak” their private space into an environment that adapts to their mood or needs. For businesses that may not have the room or the budget for creative third spaces, height-adjustable desks can be used to create a hybrid solution.

Overall, standing desks can improve the flow of work in your organization while promoting a healthy and interactive culture. Want to find ideas for your workplace? Browse our Products and Ideas page  or contact us to find inspiration for your space!