Hi everyone!

Who else has a “must read” list of business or design industry focused books just waiting to be read? We sure do and here at King we love to continue to improve how we work and help educate on current trends. We decided to tackle some of these “must read” books with a King Book Club! Each month we read a book (just one, we promise!) and we will post about our thoughts and takeaways each week! We will announce the book at the start of each month, so you have some time to grab a copy and share your thoughts with us each week! If you have a book you’re really interested in, we’d love to hear about it! Most book selections will be chosen a couple months in advance so don’t worry if we don’t cover your book right away – It’s on our list!

Interested yet? In February we are reading Jennifer Mueller’s book Creative Change Why we resist it…. how we can embrace it. Our first post about this book will publish on Friday, February 9th! We have our copy; do you have yours?