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NeoCon is an event to showcase the new products and services of the industry’s major manufacturers. Merging technology with classic office designs, current innovations have led us into a future where versatility is prioritized to support diverse working styles. NeoCon inspired our team at King Business Interiors to compile a list of the top trends in the commercial office furniture industry.

Sleek Adjustable Height Tables

In recent years, the standing desk has become common in both office and remote settings. The versatility of one desk with an adjustable height lets the user stand or sit with ease. This workplace versatility has cemented it as a popular office choice.

Manufacturers have been pushing the envelope to make the design of the adjustable height tables even more seamless and modern.

No Additional Leg Support

The easiest way to tell if a table or desk is height adjustable is by looking at where the legs meet the floor. Traditionally, a horizontal bar is added to the leg for additional stability. Recent innovations have allowed for designs without this feature, making the table look more traditional and streamlined.

Hidden Control Box

Adjustable height tables have a control box and buttons to control the height of the desk. The original design tends to opt for this box to be hanging from a hook below the best making it visually unappealing. Manufacturers have updated their designs to hide the control box under the surface with only the up/down buttons visible by being integrated into the top surface.

Floating Desks

Opting for a “floating”, or built-in piece of furniture can make the space appear more modern. This design change takes away the bottom half of the legs entirely, which creates more flexibility in design and function.

Expanding into the Outdoors

Existing and trusting companies branched out of their existing product categories and unveiled new products in new segments. Outdoor furniture revealed itself as the most popular expansion category this year. Watson Furniture, a NeoCon Best of 2024 award winner, showcased products that would work in both an interior lobby space and an outdoor patio. The ability to use a piece of furniture in multiple environments gives it an advantage over competitors.

Adding a Pop of Color

Minimalism and neutrals have always been a safe option for offices, past and present. A stand-out trend is the use of color in offices and other commercial spaces. Momentum stood out as a leader in color with their collaboration with Yinka Ilori. These bright colors and patterns sprinkled throughout different spaces and textiles brought life to the space.

3D Art Pieces

Color and visual interest can also offer unique functionality. Enhance room acoustics with intricate 3-dimensional art pieces. Mergeworks has created EchoLayer Wall Panels which stood out as the most innovative acoustical pieces at Neocon.

MergeWorks provides an interactive online configurator for creating custom color configurations. The resulting design ships complete and ready to install. Choose from 5 designs, each combining 5-6 layers of EchoScape acoustic material. The customization is a key feature thanks to the acoustic material coming in 26 color variations.

New Seating Innovations

Locations like waiting areas, lobbies, and general touchdown points benefit from a seating option for quick and short stops. These locations may not always need large chairs or couches, which prompted Mizetto to launch Lumber. This sleek and modern seating option also holds up as a piece of art with its beautifully straight lines, soft edges, and convenient yet simple tables.


A long-lasting trend is the creative use of plants and other greenery choices. Plants reduce stress, increase productivity, and are attractive to job seekers. Using them in space division is an interesting way to break up large spaces without making them feel closed off or stuffy.


Eco-friendly solutions are a trend we don’t foresee going away anytime soon. Haworth presented their new, extremely sustainable, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing Breck chair this year at NeoCon. This chair is made of over 50% recycled materials and 94% of the materials can be recycled as well. The casters are even made of recycled fishing nets.

As a preferred Haworth dealer, we can bring your commercial space to life with recent sustainable innovations. Reach out to our team of experts today to incorporate sustainability and emerging trends into your workspace.

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