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Organization is the key to getting your work done. When you maintain an organized desk, you are creating the best environment for accomplishing day-to-day tasks. One survey revealed that 90% of Americans believe that clutter has a negative impact on their lives and work, and 77% believe that clutter actually hinders their efficiency.

Therefore, to initiate productive thinking, begin with what is in front of you: your work desk. Here are 5 ways that organizing your desk enhances your ability to work.

A Clean Desk Communicates Professionalism

Creating an organized work desk is significant not only to yourself but to your customers, employees, co-workers, boss as well. Your workspace is a visual representation of professionalism. It promotes a strong work ethic and shows that achieving success is important to you.

Tip: Limit your desktop to the items you use on a daily basis. Remove anything without a daily purpose. This provides for less shuffling around when you need to track something down.

Less Clutter Reduces Stress

Stress is inevitable when chaos surrounds you. A messy workspace promotes distraction and has the potential to foster a negative state of mind, contributing to the feeling of being overwhelmed or in over your head. When you are already experiencing some stress about an upcoming project, having an organized space will help keep you focused and efficient.

Tip: Revolutionize your junk drawer. Haworth Drawer Inserts bring organization to the chaos by giving you a designated place to keep your electronics, pens, paperclips, notepads, notes and loose change.

An Organized Desk Helps You Remember Important Tasks

Everyone has an inbox for their email; yet, most of us do not realize that a physical inbox on our desks is just as vital in today’s modern office. To stay organized, designate an incoming and outgoing unit for paperwork. This will help you to avoid misplacing documents, which in turn keeps you ahead of your task list.

Tip: Utilize wall space. At eye level, neatly hang papers you use for daily reference to alleviate desk clutter. Also, when in doubt, throw it out! Take advantage of Haworth work tools to keep paper flow organized and off the work-surface.

Clean Desks Facilitate Creativity

Creativity in the workplace is vital, and nothing inspires creativity more than a blank slate. Keep your desk clean so that you can focus on the task at hand, rather than being bombarded by side projects or looming deadlines.

Tip: Throw away and recycle. Place a trashcan and recycle bin within reach to toss unnecessary items. Afraid to throw away that loose paper with an important note? File it away in an organized drawer or never lose it by scanning it into your computer!

A Tidy Workspace Saves You Time

You might be thinking to yourself, “I do not even have time to organize my desk.” However, consider how much time you waste everyday sorting through files from 3 years ago. When every item has a designated place, you are guaranteed to have less wasted time when switching between projects or tasks.

Tip: Every Friday, take 5 minutes before you leave work and file away the contents of your desk. What will you need Monday? What will you need in 3 months? File your loose papers, trash your snack wrappers and sort the files you will need at the beginning of the week. The result? A tee’d up Monday, ready for you to dominate your to-do list.  

An organized desk saves you time, establishes you as a consummate professional, fosters your creative mind, and reduces stress. What’s not to love about that?

Are you interested in creating a healthier workspace more conducive to productivity, creative thinking and the improvement of office wellbeing? Contact us or browse our past projects to see how we can improve your workspace!

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