Project Management

Calm, Knowledgeable, Zero Punch List Focused

Your project manager will review drawings, discuss installation methods, and double check specifications long before they arrive on site. Taking ownership of a project early allows our project management team to troubleshoot outstanding issues before they arise. Arriving on site informed and ready to deliver, place and install your furniture without damage or error is their number one focus. This attention to detail is key to delivering a zero punch list.

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Consider Every Detail Handled

From the moment we walk through the doors to the time you experience the final product, we are there every step of the way to ensure a stress-free and organized project. Ultimately, we understand Project management isn’t just about managing a project, it is about managing a successful outcome. Confirming power and data connections, field measuring for accurate fit and walking the site to gain understanding of how to plan installation day are an added value our Project Managers provide.