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Contrary to the common misconception, sitting does not prevent a healthy work experience.

Inactivity does. 

As humans, we are made to move. While it may not feel as natural to move about the office right now, it remains critically important to our well-being. And, as odd as it sounds, your workspace can bridge the gap between health and job performance. There are three different layers of movement that should be accommodated in order to give employees the foundation they need to embrace the ebb and flow of each work day. Once we understand the value each layer brings to the table, we can create commercial spaces that empower the people within them.

Understanding The Three Layers Of Movement

The benefits of movement have been preached for centuries – across all industries and professions. In addition to stress management and mood boosts, moving our bodies helps provide mental clarity and makes problem solving easier. Our brain releases chemicals like serotonin and dopamine – which positively impact our creativity focus levels. Haworth identifies the three layers of movement as: 

  1. Posture
  2. Position
  3. Location

As business leaders continue to cultivate supportive environments that promote employee well-being, it’s important to acknowledge how these three layers can unlock someone’s full potential:


As we mentioned earlier, moving around the office may not be feasible at all times. Encouraging employees to practice good posture will positively impact not only themselves – but their teams and work. When we sit or stand up straight, we can breathe easier and can even experience less fatigue. Employers can set employees up for success by equipping workstations with desk chairs featuring lumbar support or other ergonomic seating solutions that work with your unique space.  


We’ve all felt the need to shift around in our seats throughout the day. Changing from sitting to standing or even just readjusting in our chairs can help improve blood circulation, as well as assist with musculoskeletal comfort. Upgrading the workspaces throughout your business by introducing standing desks is just one of many easy solutions to give employees the ability to change their positioning and get the creative juices flowing. 


Changing the scenery around us can make all the difference when shifting into focus or collaboration mode. Having different spaces with unique purposes is essential in promoting a positive workplace culture. So much in fact, that you should actually have designated spaces that support the four collaboration modes of business operations: 

  • Social spaces – think employee lounges, cafeterias, or picnic areas. Informal locations for people to come together and hang out are huge for wellness.
  • Focus spaces – Individual workspaces, desks or soundproof pods improve workplace accountability and production. 
  • Informational spaces – locations throughout your commercial space that can host large groups such as auditoriums or conference rooms help employees get out of their heads and into the conversation in front of them.  
  • Brainstorm spaces – a place where people can come together and think out loud to move the company forward. This is where new ideas come into fruition and provide a safe space for innovation.

Having a sense of place gives each work area a specific function (and expectation when an employee enters that space). There’s a purpose or a need that must be met when we enter that new location, giving us the opportunity to change our perspective to take on new challenges.

With Change, Anything Is Possible

No matter what way you look at it, the key to incorporating movement into the workday is change. Be it sitting up straight, moving from sitting to standing (or vice versa) or setting up shop in a fresh location, we must prioritize movement into our daily roles if we want to genuinely feel better at the end of the day. Encourage employees to use available space and take a mental reset before tackling the next task. Another way to keep employees moving is by providing a space where they can all enjoy lunch and skip the solitude desk salads. No matter the approach you take, the benefits of changing posture, position, and location will set in almost immediately.

Empowering Movement In Commercial Environments

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