Commercial Office Design

Columbus Office Space Planning

Our live design services transform your commercial space in real time. After taking into account the electrical, data, and space planning issues you’re facing, our designers intuitively craft specific solutions to empower your brand and culture. Contact us today to learn more about live design and commercial space planning capabilities.

Reimagining Your Office Layout

Commercial furniture has a large variety of options, features, and details to provide adaptable solutions to support any space. The endless design features & options can make the specification selection process complex. Live design simplifies the process by working through the space in 3D to visualize options to guide our customers to the right solution for both your space and your budget.

We have found that by working together with the client design team we eliminate design errors, help clients visualize decisions, and ultimately deliver better project results. Here’s what to expect during your live design project:

  • Make adjustments in 3D to guide decisions on furniture layout and product sizes.
  • Quickly understand the product details & features available.
  • View a variety of material & finish options on the furniture to see the color palette of your entire space.
  • Gain a better understanding of how power & data will support your technology needs.
  • Understand how changes impact the overall furniture budget.

Custom By Approach, Intuitive By Design

Your space is so much more than a place to “work”. Our live design services create functional, cohesive spaces that employees love and clients can’t wait to visit. Take the next step and contact us today!

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