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Workplace culture is defined as the personality of an organization. While each organization has a culture that is different, they are all uniquely important to shaping the employee experience and retaining our best workers. A positive culture comes in many shapes and forms. From promoting employee development opportunities to practicing open communication about company goals, building a culture that empowers employees is essential to attracting and retaining people who will help increase your bottom line.

But how? What is the best way to create a space for employees to connect and build each other up while simultaneously working towards company goals and deadlines? Read on to learn how workplace culture shapes the employee experience and why there’s no better time than now for businesses to reflect on what they can do to create a positive workplace culture.

Workplace Culture In 2022

As “The Great Resignation” continues to dominate headlines, employers must take a step back and look at the bigger picture. People crave more from their jobs than they did 20-30 years ago. What can we – as business leaders and decision makers – do to improve the workplace in a way that promotes inclusivity, collaboration, and ongoing development?

The answer is more attainable than you might think: simply listen to what your employees want and create spaces that support them.

More often than not, people want to connect with their jobs on a deeper level. They are more than walking dollar signs and want to be treated as such. When revisiting your company culture, consider asking your employees what changes they’d put in place if they had the option. You’ll find the small requests or suggestions that come from these conversations are not only easy solutions, but improve morale as a whole. When your employees feel heard, you’ll find they’re happier and more productive as a result.

Creating a healthy workplace culture doesn’t happen overnight, and it will take some work. Many businesses have shifted to a work from home model or hybrid schedule where some days are spent at home, while others are used for in-office gatherings with fellow colleagues. The workplace has transformed into a “hub” of socialization and collaboration where the entire team come together to meet company goals and milestones.

No matter where your employees start their day, a positive workplace culture unites every department under a single mission: move the needle for your business.

How To Promote A Positive Workplace Culture

Humans are meant to exist in communities. This is where we can be social, learn from each other, and thrive in the process. When we treat the workplace like a community, we can create designated spaces for the four collaboration modes that promote a positive culture:

how to use workplace culture to connect employees

Spaces To Connect Socially

Having designated areas where employees can come together to bond over common interests and learn more about each other as people is a pillar for team chemistry. Group spaces designed to promote connection could be a cafe, a comfy lounge, or even outdoor spaces.

Remember, informal meetings are ideal for social connection. At the end of the day, we are all people looking for community and a sense of belonging – and what better place to do that than with fellow team members?

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Spaces To Do Something Specific

Without production or deliverables, a business has little chance to survive. Creating spaces for focus work and execution give people the opportunity to achieve milestones and complete tasks quickly. Individual workstations or soundproof office pods support workers to tune out the rest of the world and narrow in on their task lists. This also rings true for conference rooms or bigger areas for department heads to come together and hold each other accountable, as well as make important decisions about the company’s direction.

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Spaces To Inform One Another

As we mentioned earlier, open communication is pivotal for workplace culture. Keeping everyone up to speed on goals and ideas requires a space with one specific purpose: to inform. Coming together to convey information to large groups of people, such as open tiered seating areas or auditoriums, provides a sense of structure to elaborate on ideas.

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Spaces To Think Together

Environments that encourage creativity help employees work together and problem solve. It also creates a safe space to brainstorm ideas and take risks. A positive workplace culture welcomes new ideas from everyone from entry-level employees to CEOs. When we put our minds together, innovation is inevitable – so create a space for it!

Your Business Should Embody Positive Culture

Actions speak louder than words. It doesn’t matter what a company’s mission is if it lacks processes and actions to back up its claim. In order to attract (and retain) people who will empower your business, make sure to have an open mind when it comes to workplace culture. Think about what your brand represents and how you plan to work alongside employees in order to reach your goals. Having designated spaces that promote collaboration, creativity, accountability, and individuality are key to supporting the wellbeing of those you hire.

If you’re unsure of how to shift gears, our team is here to guide you through the process. Learn more about our workplace culture experience or talk to us directly at 614-430-0020!