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Interior design stands on two pillars: disruption and creativity.

By harnessing the power of creativity, interior designers aim to make a meaningful impact on the human experience within the space we occupy. Additionally, today’s planning adds the dimension of focusing on spaces that unite people and technology.

K-12 classrooms are one of those unique environments that must support both. Ultimately, Interior Designers are challenged with finding sustainable and durable solutions for both students and teachers along with making technology easily accessible to improve the overall outcome of the classroom.

Finding these solutions isn’t as complex as it may seem. Innovative classroom furniture is the multifaceted answer both designers and educators can agree on to deliver dimensional, creative environments that promote better learning.

Today, we explore how our designers transform the traditional classroom into an interactive l earning experience using K-12 classroom furniture.

How Classroom Furniture Fuels Learning Experience

Author, Ursula K. Le Guin once said, “The creative adult is the child who survived.”

By creating spaces that enhance the way today’s students learn and interact with one another, we’re building the foundation for a better future. We treat K-12 classrooms as a canvas and paint it with products that encourage critical thinking, collaboration, and occasionally coloring outside of the lines.

As you find yourself seeking new and improved learning spaces for students and teachers alike, consider these three ways furniture can empower education facilities as a whole.

Mobility In All Shapes & Sizes

Activity-based learning stands at the forefront for today’s engaging classroom designs. Prioritizing this element offers both teachers and students the ease to adapt from collaborative to focused learning environments thanks to diverse K-12 classroom furniture products. Our designers suggest selecting highly mobile and broad furniture varieties to bring the space and product selection together cohesively.

K-12 classroom furniture

Balancing Formal & Informal Learning

Intuitive classroom design requires both formal and informal spaces to learn. It’s no secret that students don’t learn like they used to. Instead of using the outdated “command and control” layout of lined up desks, we’ve found the most success when using a healthy balance of formal and informal meeting spaces. This strategy disrupts outdated classroom designs by creating spaces encouraging movement, choice of seat, height, and location.

As a result, the learning space creates a positive impact on the teacher/student dynamic, as well as the student-to-student relationship.

Why Informal K-12 Classrooms Work

An informal collaborative setting brings students together to discuss and solve problems. They also empower students to gain skills that set them up for success later on in life:

  • Collaboration settings in the classroom remove the isolating feeling created by one student, one desk concepts.
  • Adding tiered seating to the classroom design helps facilitate presenting and sharing ideas with a larger group and situates students to develop teamwork strategies such as: establishing a spokesman, dividing up tasks, and creating a format to present ideas.

These soft skills are highly sought after in the business world and embedding them early in their educational career improves the transition from learning to doing. The learning spaces we design today heavily impact the way tomorrow’s leaders interact with one another.

Dare To Think Outside The Box With Your K-12 Classroom Furniture

The human mind is a beautiful thing. Don’t be afraid to get creative in the solutions you seek to enhance our K-12 classroom. At King Business Interiors, our designers choose to embrace a world where things don’t go according to plan and create powerful spaces because of it. As we tread through this COVID-19 pandemic together, we work hand-in-hand with school systems in the Greater Columbus Area and beyond to design classrooms with meaningful impact.

Together, we help you achieve the goals to inspire both students and teachers, make technology effortless, and elevate the outcome for the next generation. Talk to us today and get fresh ideas on transforming the learning experience your K-12 classrooms provide.