Commercial Storage & Recycling

Give Your Workspace Room To Grow

Outgrowing your real estate happens from time to time. King Business Interiors is here to help you navigate these growing pains with commercial storage and recycling solutions. Our 100,000 square foot warehouse gives you a secure, temperature controlled environment to house fluctuating inventory, office furniture, equipment, and whatever else is taking over your workspace.

We understand that not everything needs to go into storage – but rather recycled. As a service to our clients, our furniture donation and recycling program keeps your business looking its best while helping local nonprofits and smaller organizations in need (and protecting the environment in the process).

Give your organization the breathing room it needs to thrive. Contact us today to request warehouse availability or learn more about our commercial recycling program!

Stay Agile, Not Cluttered

A cluttered work environment can not only hinder productivity, but create a disconnect between employees and the organization’s culture. Outsourcing storage for your business gives your space the flexibility necessary to harmonize departments and feel proud of where they work. What most businesses don’t realize is that once excess items are stored for future expansion the work environment feels refreshed for future growth. By engaging with our Live Design space planning services we will help you reimagine your workspace with the intention to support employees productivity, resulting in an empowering work environment.

Rent Commercial Warehouse Space

Utilizing warehouse storage space is a common need for all business sectors. Flexible in nature, we will expand and contract with your specific needs. We can store a simple kit of parts ready to deliver in the event your project team is formed overnight or we will maintain an ongoing list of parts and pieces for your daily adds, moves and changes. Either way, our team is dedicated to protecting your assets around the clock:

  • Assets fully protected and secured at all times
  • Enjoy an open, clutter-free office environment
  • Access your stored items when you need them
  • Climate-controlled environment
  • Recycling if you choose to dispose of old items
  • Pay for storage by square foot

How To Donate Office Furniture

Organizations choose to donate and/or recycle office furniture for a variety of reasons. No matter if your business is growing, changing, or relocating – we support you the entire way to make your workplace transformation as seamless as possible.

  • Professional furniture inspection to determine potential for reuse
  • Convenient scheduling to remove your furniture with minimal disruption
  • Match furnishings with Columbus organizations in need
  • Break down furniture for traditional recycling


We’re Here To Help

Growing businesses don’t have weeks to finalize numbers – you need to talk to someone today! Inquire with our team to explore commercial storage and recycling options based on what matters to you the most. We can’t wait to meet you.