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Having spent many years in the commercial furniture industry, I have had the opportunity to witness the remarkable evolution of workplace design. One area that has undergone significant changes in recent years is the workplace lobby, which has transformed from a purely functional space into a dynamic hub of activity that serves multiple purposes and provides a critical first impression for visitors and employees alike. Thanks to advancements in design and technology, a new generation of lobby spaces has emerged that are more flexible, collaborative, and conducive to not only productivity but enhancing the employee hospitality experience than ever before.

As someone who understands that businesses flourish when they embrace furniture that caters to various essential workplace functions, I am eager to share how the lobby area is also evolving to change the way we think about how this space can perform for our business needs. With the changing nature of work and the growing need for adaptable workspaces, the lobby area is transforming to become more dynamic, functional, and collaborative than ever before. Let’s dive deeper into this exciting trend.

How Lobby Spaces Are Evolving To Meet Modern Day Business Needs

The role of the lobby area has shifted dramatically in recent years. No longer just a place to wait for appointments, the lobby is now a dynamic and welcoming space for guests and employees alike. It’s a space that sets the tone for the entire workplace, conveying the company’s values, culture, and brand. Furthermore, with the rise of remote work and hybrid work models, the lobby has also become a multi-functional space for work and collaboration, serving as a hub for both formal and informal meetings. This new reality has led to a surge in innovative lobby designs that prioritize functionality, flexibility, and employee well-being.

Innovations In Lobby Design

Innovations in lobby design are transforming the workplace experience, with products like Haworth’s Pergola Workspaces and HushPhone immediately providing destinations for greeting in a new way, collaborating with clients, or employing social engagement.

Haworth's Pergola Workspaces at King Business Interiors

Pergola Workspaces

Haworth’s Pergola Workspaces is a modular system that creates a flexible and adaptable space for work and collaboration. It features a range of elements, including screens, canopies, and lighting, which can be combined in multiple configurations to suit different needs.

  • Flexible Configuration Options: The Pergola Workspace system is highly customizable, with various screens, canopies, and other modular elements that can be configured to suit specific needs. Whether businesses need private workspaces, tucked away individual spaces, or areas for collaboration, the Pergola Workspace system can adapt to their requirements. The screens and canopies can also provide privacy and visual separation between different areas of the lobby, creating a more dynamic and adaptable space.
  • Integration With Technology: The Pergola Workspaces system is designed to integrate with the latest technology, including power and data capabilities. This allows for a seamless experience for employees and visitors who need to use technology for their work. With Pergola Workspaces, businesses can create a fully connected lobby environment that can meet the diverse needs of modern workspaces.
Haworth's HushPhone available at King Business Interiors


Haworth’s HushPhone is a soundproof pod that provides privacy for phone calls and video conferences. It is a stylish and functional solution for open-plan offices that lack privacy, offering a private and soundproof space for important conversations.

  • Acoustic Properties: The HushPhone is designed to provide excellent acoustic properties, ensuring that conversations and meetings can take place without any disruptions or distractions from outside noise. Its soundproof panels and acoustic ceiling tiles can reduce sound transmission by up to 27dB, creating a comfortable and private environment for phone calls and video conferences. This can be especially important for businesses that deal with sensitive information or need to maintain confidentiality, such as law firms or healthcare facilities.
  • Stylish Design: The HushPhone is available in a range of colors and finishes, allowing businesses to choose a design that complements their lobby aesthetic. It is also designed to be highly functional, with integrated power and data capabilities and a ventilation system that ensures a comfortable environment for users. With its stylish design and advanced functionality, the HushPhone is a great option for businesses that need a private and stylish space for important conversations.

The lobby space is not a new concept, but the way we utilize it has certainly evolved. With the aid of modern products, businesses can now create dynamic lobby spaces that cater to the diverse needs of modern workspaces. These products offer unparalleled flexibility and adaptability, and it’s been fascinating to witness their impact on the evolution of lobby design. The integration of cutting-edge technology and soundproof properties has transformed the user experience, providing a seamless blend of form and function. As work and collaboration continue to shift, it’s clear that furniture and design innovations like these will play a critical role in shaping the workplace of the future.

Adapting To Changing Workplace Patterns

As workplace design evolves, lobbies are also undergoing significant changes. The rise of remote and hybrid work models has led to a growing need for flexible spaces that can accommodate different work styles and preferences. To meet this trend, companies must create spaces that can cater to remote and hybrid workers’ needs.

Additionally, promoting well-being and mental health has become increasingly important in the workplace, which has also influenced lobby design. Incorporating elements that promote relaxation, calmness, and mental clarity, such as natural lighting, greenery, and comfortable seating, can benefit both employees and visitors. Products like Pergola Workspaces and HushPhone can be integrated into lobby design to create spaces that are functional and comfortable, accommodating the needs of everyone.

It’s important to remember that the lobby space is no longer just a functional area but a crucial part of the workplace that can impact employees and visitors’ well-being. As such, companies must adapt to these changes and create spaces that are flexible, accommodating, and promote well-being.

Office Acoustic Solutions

If you’re like me and love focus work, you know how critical acoustics are in any work environment. The impact of noise on employee well-being and productivity cannot be underestimated, particularly in open plan offices where sound can easily carry and distract workers. This is why finding effective acoustic solutions is crucial. At King we offer a variety of products, from demountable walls, acoustical wall/ceiling tiles, or white noise systems that can help mitigate noise levels and create a more comfortable and productive workspace. Whether it’s a conference room, phone booth, or open plan office, choosing the right acoustic solution is essential to ensure employees can work in peace and stay focused on their tasks.

Other Trends Driving The Workplace Forward

The workplace is constantly evolving, with several trends driving its transformation. Among the most significant is the growing emphasis on sustainability and green design, as companies look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and create healthier workspaces. Additionally, there’s a shift towards agile and adaptable workspaces that can accommodate remote and flexible work schedules. Technology is also playing a major role, providing new opportunities for productivity, communication, and innovation. Finally, creating spaces that foster collaboration and innovation is becoming more important than ever, as companies recognize the value of promoting creativity and connection in the workplace.

By embracing these trends, companies can create a dynamic and responsive workplace that attracts top talent, supports business growth, and enhances employee well-being.

Revolutionize Your Lobby Space & Boost Productivity

The lobby area is playing an increasingly crucial role in shaping the overall workplace experience as office environments continue to evolve. With innovative products like Haworth’s Pergola Workspace and HushPhone, lobbies can now become flexible, adaptable, and collaborative spaces that cater to the changing needs of businesses and employees. By embracing these innovations and trends, companies can create welcoming and productive workplaces that promote well-being and drive innovation.

If you’re interested in transforming your lobby into a dynamic and multi-functional space that supports your business objectives, reach out to King Business Interiors’ experienced workplace design team. We can guide you through the process and help you select the best products and solutions to suit your needs!

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