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Creating innovative workspaces is what we do. King Business Interiors is the preferred commercial solutions provider throughout the Midwest. We work closely with clients in all industries to redesign interior and exterior spaces that engage staff, improve business operations, and, of course, impact your unique brand and culture.


Educational environments are evolving to support learning in new ways. From K12 to higher education, making classroom time more effective is a key driver for learning environments. Restructuring classroom spaces with new education furniture provides an active learning experience for teachers and students. By incorporating new classroom design and technology into the equation, both grade schools and universities take a giant step forward in improving learning, collaboration, and social skills for students of all ages.


No one wants to work in an office that is outdated. Today’s corporate environments should be inspiring through the use of open layouts, biophilic office design elements, and of course ergonomic furniture to support user health and safety. When business leaders make the decision to transform their offices into empowering workspaces they become unstoppable.


The future of healthcare lies in creating environments designed to heal. This includes embracing new technologies and healthcare furniture resources that nurture the wellbeing and longevity of patients, caregivers, and administrative staff. Not only should facilities factor in stringent cleaning methods and cohesive looks, but above all else – the patient experience. We have experience helping healthcare providers explore our wide selection of waiting room seating, patient furniture, and flexible workstations for a variety of space needs. Haworth, Krug and Stance are a few of the manufacturers we offer healthcare design teams as we create the best in product solutions.

Together, we can create better healthcare outcomes through strategic space planning and commercial healthcare furniture selection.


Hospitality furniture for hotels, restaurants, and public spaces should always invite guests in. We partner with the leading hospitality furniture manufacturers to transform your space into a warm, welcoming environment for all. Choose from countless customizable products and inspiring furniture installations to complete your new construction or redesign project.

Senior Living

Make residents feel at home with senior living furniture designed to make common areas and resident rooms as comfortable as possible. Prospective residents are often discouraged from retirement homes and assisted living facilities due to outdated furniture and living spaces. We partner with you to curate furniture solutions specifically intended for senior living facilities and the requirements they must meet. From easy cleaning to enduring comfort and design features, our team is here to help you keep current residents at ease and welcome new faces home.

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