Be The Place Where Everyone Wants To Be

Being in the world of hospitality, making guests feel at home is what brings your business to life. The idea is to have a space that not only draws people in, but ensures they want to come back – and bring their family and friends to experience everything you have to offer. King specializes in hospitality space planning and layout design to transform your lobby, restaurant, or venue into a place of warmth, elegance, or celebration, whatever the occasion. From furniture selections that encourage conversation to configuring your current space in real time, our team is here to add the extra bells and whistles that make your business the place everyone wants to be.

First impressions make or break returning customers. What experience is your business creating?

Warm Welcomes Start With Inviting Spaces

Most hospitality companies have the same goal of offering warm, welcoming environments. It all depends on the kind of experience you’re seeking to create. Our distinct approach takes your branding, clientele, and ideal space design into consideration. We use our experience and industry best practices to cultivate an ambiance unlike any other.

We position ourselves as an extension of your own team. By assessing your layout in real time and factoring in details both big and small, we are able to offer you custom solutions that work with the ebb and flow of daily operations.

Our expertise ranges from hotels to salons, restaurants, concert halls and more. See our latest work and find inspiration for your upcoming project.

Hospitable By Design

With so much diversity in the hospitality industry, we understand your goals are unique. For high traffic pieces like restaurant furniture and lobby seating, you need inspiring installations that withstand frequent use. In comfort pieces like hotel furniture, warmth and style take first priority. We source our pieces from hundreds of different hospitality furniture manufacturers; each picked for their exceptional quality and attention to detail. With many options from a complete range of products, lights, sofas, and tables combine in new ways to reflect your unique vision.

Peace Of Mind At Every Step

In more demanding projects, we know that the stress on your furniture means you’ll need maintenance often. Our professionals will always be ready to repair your pieces no matter the damage.

Rest assured we will:

  • Manage inventories and keep replacement products in our professionally staffed, 100,000+ square foot furniture warehouse.
  • Spot issue areas and necessary repairs with regular walkthroughs.
  • Evaluate and suggest preventative maintenance programs for weekly, monthly, and yearly deterioration.
  • Repair your furniture at flexible times, including evenings and weekends.
  • Be available for emergency repairs to your furniture.

Get Started Today

No matter the type of hospitality business, we are here to help transform your business into the hottest attraction to date. Share your vision with us to get started!