Furniture Creates Positive Patient Experiences

There is nothing more important in the healthcare industry than the patient experience; and furniture plays a crucial role in the longevity of healing. No matter the waiting room, conference room, or emergency room, we take pride in giving healthcare facilities peace of mind. Just like you, our priority is patient comfort. Using industry-leading technology and furniture solutions, we bridge the gap between comfort and efficiency. Our experience with healthcare providers crosses from small practices to research centers, and hospitals, with cohesive space design and furnishings.
As the future of healthcare advances, providers must ask themselves if their facilities can evolve alongside modern medicine. That’s where we come in. Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare furniture and hospital-grade space planning capabilities today.

Support Patients, Staff, & Guests With Healing-Focused Furniture

New scientific innovations are unfolding daily. The future of healthcare is contingent on how medical facilities adapt to physician and patient needs. Supportive elements, like healthcare furniture, serve a much higher purpose than mere waiting room chairs and exam tables. They play a bigger role in the way people feel about their surroundings and the standard of care you offer. The holistic approach our designers take makes a world of difference.

Prioritizing wellbeing delivers proven results. View our past healthcare projects and see for yourself.

Healthy Operations Strengthen Quality Of Care

Employee experience is as vital as a patient’s. A poorly designed facility makes people confused and stressed. When a patient’s experience starts to take a turn for the worse, this creates an ongoing issue for the caregivers and supporting staff. Quality healthcare furniture and optimized space design brings a welcoming, calm environment to everyone in it. Even in employee spaces, such as the physician’s lounge, we incorporate flexible workstations, woodlike accents and plush upholsteries to ease collaboration and destress those responsible for the health of others.

Transform Your Care

Help your doctors, patients, and guests with a furniture refresh and facility redesign. Small projects or big, King can transform the quality of your facility – and the standard of care you provide – for the better. Get in touch with us to get started!